18 Year Old Thabo To Launch His New Book


Who Is Thabo Batlhophi?

Thabo Batlhophi is a young man who completed his form 5 in 2018 at Livingstone Kolobeng College. Thabo managed to score 45 out of a possible 48 points in his IGCSE. He is a motivational speaker who started this journey of speaking in 2015 at Moselewapula Community Junior Secondary School (CJSS).

Thabo has been invited to motivate students in Naledi CJSS and kids at a UNICEF childrens day event. He has also impacted the lives of Livingstone Kolobeng college students as he was a motivational speaker there as well. Thabo has been honoured with a certificate of being the best motivational speaker in Moselewapula. He has shared the stage with the likes of Tebego Sebego and Mr Thabo; former CEO of Tourism Botswana.

Mr Batlhophi is a sports man who has many medals and certificates in athletics and football. At church, he is a drummer and a dancer. Thabo has been on the newspaper for sports and academic excellence. He has been on Silent Shout where he was interviewed on this first book. Mr Thabo Batlhophi’s vision is to see young people in Botswana taking full responsibility of their lives and maximising their potential. He says It is not by age but rather by realisation of the fact that life is for grabs, GO GET YOUR DREAM.

His Book

Titled “EFFECTIVE LIVING IN SCHOOL” is a very interesting and unique book to read. Before starting his high school, he looked for a book that will prepare him for the challenges that come with high school. His main aim was to find out how a student can succeed academically despite the pressures and challenges at hand. He then wrote this book for himself, he used his experience, researches and wisdom from his mentor B F Rams to write the book.

The book gives students a deep insight on how to maximise their journey in school. He talks about about issues that teenagers go through but never voice out. Also sheds a light on how students can build their brand from school and maintain it to be profitable in the future. He continues to talk about the importance of a mentor in a teenagers life.

Thabo says his mentor once told him to never do today what he doesn’t want to be discovered tomorrow. The author also talks about the importance of the involvement of parents in the success of a child.