CA Intervenes In National Stadium Branding Saga


Competition Authority (CA) has intervened in a long standing Mascom advertising saga at the National Stadium which forced BTC Premiership games not to be staged at the venue.

Mascom have bought an advertising space on the eastern stand (commonly known as Panda) which made it difficult for their competitor to stage the games there. According to our sources the case was brought to CA’s attention some weeks back.

“The case is here with us and it was brought by an anonymous person. The complaint was that the teams, Gaborone United, Township Rollers and Mochudi Centre Chiefs which have registered National Stadium as their home ground cannot use it because of Mascom branding. We looked into the case and called all the parties concerned that is BNSC, BPL, Mascom and the clubs to take their statements. We looked into the contract between BNSC and Mascom and we realized that it doesn’t prohibit that the boards can be covered in a case where a competitor wants to use the stadium,” said CA director of communication and advocacy, Gideon Nkala on Wednesday afternoon.

Nkala further pointed out that National Stadium is an essential facility and the clubs have been suffering having to play their home games away from their base.

“Mascom want to be compensated for the duration whereby their boards would be covered since they have a contract with BNSC. We are happy that the matter has been resolved hence there is a game there tonight,” Nkala added.

Chiefs host nemesis Rollers tonight at the venue and they will fork out P3,600 to Mascom for covering Panda branding.