Most of us get stuck in rut as we go to the same “boring” jobs again and again, day after day. At some moment a light bulb will click in our heads and we then realize we really do not like our jobs and know that it is time to change. So when trying to find what our place in this world and a new way to make money because we have to take care of our families what do we look for?


  • What burns your soul?
  • What puts you on fire?
  • What won’t give you trouble in terms of waking up in the morning?
  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What business would you be patient with, with all the challenges that come with the business?

If you love taking photographs, try photography. If you love fashion, try fashion design.

2.” Become the solution,” said Ms. Onalenna Saru Bayani. “Carry out a needs assessment,” said Anastacia Motsokono. So do all the research you can to find out what the problem might be in particular location. If all restaurants are selling fast foods why not sell healthy meals for those who might opt for a healthier life style.

3.Ask yourself the critical question- “Am I going to make profit?’’. If not, then you have got to be realistic and move on to the next business idea.

4.Make a plan that is a detailed of how you are going to go about erecting your business. As Mrs. Tebogo Mapodisi said at a business seminar, “A one-page plan is enough because sometimes while you are dwelling too much on the plan the market out there is changing and by the time you get done with your plan a lot has changed. So there should be more action while you are trying to get your business off the ground.”

5.Know there is no business for a particular gender. Do not be scared to go into careers such as mechanics or livestock rearing if you are a female just because its perceived to be a male career.

6.Increase your knowledge on the field you want to venture into i.e. attend workshops and seminars and short courses of areas related to what you may be interested in. Do not be embarrassed to ask existing businesses about your business.

7.Make your business unique. There are a lot of businesses out there that might be offering the product that you will be offering so it is a survival of the fittest kind of world so make your business unique. The customer should say “yes” to you based on what you have that other businesses do not have. Moreover you can’t sell what a lot of businesses are selling if everyone at the market place is selling vegetables why are you sell vegetables also? The same kind of vegetables to the same consumers? Be smart.

8.Location of your business matters. Your business premises should be easily accessible. Also it should be closer to the consumers. Relocation might also be an option here because for example if you want to run a farm that is in Senyawe you cannot run it while you stay in Gaborone. There should be advertisement boards also showing where to find your business.

9.” Do not sell to people on credit. Be smart. Ask for deposit if it is somebody you trust. Do not run your business based on friendship because it will not succeed. If someone does not pay you take legal action and report to the police or Customary Court,” Mrs. Anastacia Motsokono a small business owner said.

10.Learn how to treat your employees. After setting up your business and now have employees it is important to treat your employees accordingly. “Employers should empower the employees to own the organization. They should know that they benefit when the organization makes more money and loose when the business is not doing well” said Melody Malila a motivational speaker. She continued to say, “Recognize their efforts, loyalty and faithfulness to the organization.”

Make your employees feel at home so that they do not leave the organization because more likely when they leave, they will leave with your clients.

It is scary to move away from that which you are now used to but sometimes it is necessary. Why stay at a job you feel miserable about?