It is no secret that every human being on the planet wishes they were more intelligent than they currently are. Unfortunately, during our formation we did not have the power to choose the level of intelligence we will have, but don’t despair, we have good news for you. Over the years, scientists have made some research on the type of food that we eat and how they contribute to our intelligence. Here are the 10 most powerful foods that will boost your brain activity and put it at the top of its game

1. Oily Fish (sardines, wild salmon)
Lipids make up more than half of our brain mass and more than 65% of these are fatty acids which belong to the Omega family. These fats are needed for the production and development of brain cells, ensuring that the fluidity of cell membrane is within required amounts and also play a major role in neuron activity. Salmon, fresh tuna and sardines are oily fish that contain Omega 3 fatties.

2. Liver (Chicken, Beef)
About 25% of Oxygen in our bodies is needed by the brain. Iron is one mineral that is required to bring oxygen to the brain by means of the blood’s hemoglobin. So always include Liver in your diet as it contains Iron. Moreover, liver contains vitamin B. Research has shown that these vitamins from the liver, mainly B1, B6, B9 and B12 increase the human intelligence by improving our cognitive function.

3. Dairy Products
The Australian and American scientist once measured the I.Q  (intelligence quotient: which is an assessment of one’s ability to think and reason) of over 900 volunteers. They found out that the participants who consume yogurts and cheese on a daily basis had more I.Q than those who didn’t. Fatty dairy products are very important to our brain because more than 50% of our brain consists of fat. Diseases like multiple sclerosis can results due to lack of crucial fats in our bodies.

4. Eggs
Egg yolk is a very a vital vegetarian Iron mineral source. phospholipids and lectithin are contained in eggs; they are vital in the building up of the brain cell. Eggs contain proteins which are needed for boosting one’s intelligence.

5. Spinach
Have you been taking lots of spinach? If not you better start now. Even your grandparents will advise you to take spinach once in a while and tell you its good for your body. Well they are right, research has shown that students who take in more vitamin C will do better in attention, memory and recall tests. Spinach is a very good source of this vitamin C.