Daniel Kenosi Predicts Masisi’s New Cabinet


As the country awaits to see who the new president; Mokgweetsi Masisi will select as he new cabinet more and more prophecies arise. Facebook sensation Daniel Kenosi, who is well known for his juicy gossip news didn’t want to be left out. Kenosi surprised his Facebook followers this morning with his shocking prophecy. In his prophecy, Kenosi has revealed some of the candidates who will make it to the cabinet and those who will face Masisi’s double edged sword.

Who Has Made It To The Cabinet?

According to his prophecy, Kenosi has revealed that Alfred Madigele and Bogolo Kenewendo are some of the lucky candidates who have won Masisi’s trust. “I then saw Alfred Madigele going back to Ministry of Health and I don’t know what will happen to Hon Dorcus. I lastly saw Bogolo Kenewendo leading the Ministry of Trade.” Kenosi prophesied.

Who Will Be Kicked Out?

In his prophecy Kenosi has pleaded with his Facebook followers to pray for three ministers because he believes a dark cloud is about to devour them. ” Please pray for Hon Olopeng, Maele and Vincent Seretse. As Daniel, I had a vision and didn’t see them coming back as Ministers. I ddn’t see say they won’t be appointed but please pray with them” He Prophesied.

Mma V, New Vice President?

In Setswana we say ‘Re tla re ke dipitse re di bone ka mebala’ (meaning; Seeing is believing) so we will wait to see if indeed Kenosi is a true prophet or not. His prophesy links Venson Moitoi to the vice president seat. He wrote “The lord didn’t tell me much about a woman from Serowe…..but he kept on showing me the name with V…. Vvvvvvv and Son… I  couldn’t ask much but I saw a hand anointing her with Vice Presidential position.”