Swaziland King Mswati’s 8th Wife Commits Suicide Following ‘Abuse’


She was unhappy with the treatment she received from Mswati and the royal household – Sources close to her revealed.

Senteni Masago, the king’s wife, was found dead in the early hours of Friday (06/04/2018) morning after committing suicide. She was the eighth wife to Swaziland king; Mswati III. Senteni overdosed on about 40 amytriptyline capsules. Amytriptyline is a type of medication used to treat mental problems such as depression, it belong to a class of medications called antidepressants.

What supposedly exacerbated the situation was the King’s request to ensure that she neither goes to her late sister’s memorial service nor burial service. Of late she has lived alone for more than three years in a big house with not a single visit from her husband, the king.

Mswati broke the internet last year when he married a 19 year old teen, Siphelele Mashwama and received a lot from criticism from people all over the world. Most people believe that the king violates human rights and Organizations such as AU and SADC must intervene.

It is believed that some of his wife have already left him and he is currently left with 15 wives.

Some Facts About King Mswati

His birth names are Makhosetive Dlamini, which translates to ‘Father of Nations’. His Father, King Sobhuza II died while Mswati was still 14 years and he couldn’t claim the throne because he was still a student by then. Two of his father’s queen stepped in until Mswati was old enough to claim his royal seat.