There Was No Rape In Rasesa Tape – Setlhomo


Setlhomo Raymond Tshwanelang has responded to Rasesa tape sex allegations. He believes that the two were under the influence of alcohol and the lady is trying to defame his tape partner. He wrote;

What Are Setlhomo’s Views?

Below are some of the points that he has stated to fully support the male accused of raping the lady.

“I pledge my full support behind that young man who is being accused of drugging and raping that gal on Rasesa Video!

Yes! I pledge my full support! You see, we live in a society where a woman will sleep with you & the next day, she claims rape! Yes many of my friends have been there, some had to pay so the allegations don’t reach the police, who will detain you without a question! Some are rotting in jail as I write!

“If truly the victim playing lady, was under the influence of drugs(save for some cheap alcohol possibly Quarana) she wouldn’t have pulled her pants”

You see, i know what rape entails, I know how drugs work(s) I have done sh*t before, so don’t tell me that lady was drugged! It’s a cheap lie sold by our social media feminists! In addition to some reckless woman who was ill advised! Maybe she wants to be the next Nick Minaj, who knows!

If you watch that video again esp at its end! You will hear an angry voice, supposedly a security officer “heelang le iranang hoo, tang kwano”; immediately the supposedly rapist pull up his pants, the supposedly victim does the same too! Now this is where the truth is!

If truly the victim playing lady, was under the influence of drugs(save for some cheap alcohol possibly Quarana) she wouldn’t have pulled her pants! she wouldn’t have reacted to that officer, in fact she would have cried and wanted more from that guy!

she would have disobeyed that commanding voice! she would have struggled to even pull up her pants! That’s how drugs work! You can’t submit to instructions, you just rebel and you just want more and more sex! 

Now tell me, did that lady portray signs of a person who has been drugged! I don’t need an answer, but I believe that No One has the right to coerce the nation into believing there was rape when in fact two consenting adults were chasing boredom after excessive drinking of cheap alcohol!

It is wrong for one to say “this can happen to anyone” it only happens to bo Mmadirabanyana who drink without responsibility! Perhaps this is where the history of that young lady needs to be unearthed!

You may found that she has been sleeping around after drinking alcohol! It may be her hobby! sadly this time it did not end well! I know those cheap girls who after drinking they want you to bang them, off course that’s how some people react to alcohol! It stimulates their sexual desire

Further! Has she reported the matter to the police! which police station! was there any tests carried out to support her claim! So sad to see our society supporting this madness! When there are women who were genuinely raped and in need of our support!

Now everyone wants to portray Batswana men as those who will drug and rape you! That’s not how we are! If you “give us” we “ take it”. This is where the rule of transaction comes in.

In my opinion, I so believe the young lady was ill advised to approach newspapers! she should have just lied to her boyfriend and utilised morning after pills!

Therefore I pledge my full support behind the accused! It’s high time we as men support one another! since some women say it may happen to anyone, le wena o le Rre this can happen to you!”