Seven Ways To Get Him To Madly Fall In Love With You


Every girl wants to know how to drive their man crazy. I am talking the kind of crazy where you are almost sure that your bae is obsessed with you. Here are seven ways you can get your dream to come true ladies. Note that some of the answers men gave me when I asked them what really gets them to fall madly in love with a woman.


It is said how people treat you is a reflection of how you treat yourself. If you love you, you know your worth. You know you are expensive and rear and the man in your life will know that as well. He will say to himself “OH!OH! Where will I ever find a girl like her. I best behave.” And before you know it he is so into you because he considers himself lucky to have a girl like you. When you love yourself you will also be able to love him fully because one cannot pour from an empty cup. If you do not love you first it will be difficult to love him unconditionally. Poor thing will be stuck listening to you complain all the time, insecure all the time.


Do you every once in a while, better yet do you always. When it is time to be with your bae, be there because you want to be there not because you have to. Do not stick to your bae like a pimple that just will not go away. Have hobbies and if you do not have them go out and get them. He does not call all the shots in your life and his realization of that fact will make him try harder to wrap you around his finger. When he does not succeed he will try harder to put you in his cage. Men just like everybody else want what they cannot have. So when you go out, play a little tennis and come back home your bae will be happy to see you when you come back home. Let the man miss you every once in a while.


When a man cannot figure you out he will keep running after you in the effort to catch up with you. Women are so emotional and fall in love so quick and believe in fairy tale endings but the truth is this is no fairy tale life. Survival of the fittest is a term that is used every day now because the world has become “eat or be eaten” type of world. Men will push your buttons because it is in their nature to do so. This five year old boy’s behavior will never stop so learn to deal with it appropriately. When you act calm and he knows he was wrong he will quickly retreat. He will say “Man what is wrong with this girl?” and very soon that same question will turn into “ Man what is right with this girl?”. Put him in his place and show him that you are not going to let him ruin your day. Less talking, more action. There should be consequences when he acts like a good boy and there should be consequences when he acts like a bad boy. Lao Tzu said THE BEST FIGHTER IS NEVER ANGRY.


Every man I interviewed listed RESPECT as a way to get him eating out of the palm of your hand so respect your bae and show him that he matters to you. Include him in your busy schedule and show him that he is the alpha dog in your life. Praise him in front of people but do not criticize him in front of people. Appreciate him in every way that you can. Men love attention otherwise they will be stuck in a corner like a sad puppy asking “What about me? When am I getting attention”. If you do not give him these three he will go out and get them somewhere else.


Tell and show him how you want to be treated. There will always be a little boy in him that will push you to the edge. He has to know that there are certain things and behaviors you will not tolerate. If hre comes home late every night and there is a hot plate of food waiting for him then you are not teaching him a lesson. He will never take you seriously because he knows that what he is doing is wrong and you have now become a trash can where he can dump his rubbish because everything seems okay with you. If you are scared that when you speak up he will leave you then you are not doing yourself justice because if he is to leave you he will probably leave you for a girl who speaks her mind. I recently came across a post on Facebook that says IF HE CALLS YOU CRAZY THEN YOU ARE PROBABLY THE MAIN CHICK.  Yeah men call a lady who speaks her truth CRAZY but that is a good thing. Do not let him walk all over you.

  1. TRUST

Give your bae the benefit of the doubt. Tell him you trust him. If he has not given you any reasons to not trust him then stop with the accusations and the going through his phone. Stop driving yourself crazy.


Talk to your man. Not nag or engage in a verbal combat. Talk and explain certain things to him. A good man who wants to be with you will listen to you. Some bad things men do are not intentional so you need to explain where you are coming from without getting angry at him. You know you are in a good place when he is always trying to impress you.

Below is the conversation I had with one of the men I interviewed.

Me: What are the seven things a lady can do to drive her man crazy?
Dude: I do not know.

Me: What do you mean you do not know? You are a man aren’t you?

Dude: I do not know maybe it is because I never let a woman drive me crazy.

Me: What do you mean? A few days ago you had your girlfriend’s picture as your profile on WatsApp. It means she is driving you crazy?

Dude gave an awkward laugh, as if to say “You have got me.” See ladies a lot of men do not really want to fall in love so you have to sneak up on them and before you know it your picture is a profile on their facebook, myspace, skype and WatsApp profiles.

Sometimes the man you are dating will not tell you that they are crazy about you, out of pride or the disbelief that he has fallen in love. But trust me sometimes you will not have to ask, you will just know. I hope you liked these seven ways that will soon change your relationship forever.