Odirile Sento also known as Vee Mampeezy has dropped a new single titled ‘Khubama Re Itshebe’  but his fans are not happy with his lyrical content. Botswana Online Magazine ran a poll on their Facebook page to get some ratings on Vee’s new single. After running the poll for 24 hours, Vee got an overall rating of;


Yes, you heard it right, that’s the lowest rating you’d expect from a musician of his caliber. some of his fans want him to quit music and focus on his prophetic calling and start saving lives by bringing more people to God. They believe he has lost his touch for making good music like he used to.

What Are Some Of His Fans Saying?

Below are some of the comments and post were extracted from Facebook. Grab a camp chair and get ready to crack some ribs.

According to the Post, the writer believes that Vee’s time is over and he has stooped so low to Snyomfere’s level.

The memes are even rolling out. This guy is so bored that he even wants to delete the song from his phone.

‘Bosula fela’ meaning ‘its boring’

Vee Mampeezy your fans want good music from you.