It looks like going to London is still a dream for many people including Botswana’s richest musician Odirile Sento also known as Vee Mampeezy. In his latest stunt to get more views on Facebook, Vee Mampeezy uploaded a picture of him diving into a swimming pool with the caption; ‘Chilling in London, how is it that side’. His fans who has stayed in London before were so quick to burst his bubble and bring him back to the African soil.

Vee In London

London, UK is currently experiencing winter season which is accompanied by some snow, heavy clouds and very cold temperatures which isn’t the case in Vee’s picture. The other thing that Vee forgot is; There are no acacia trees in London or maybe he has brought some to his yard in London, mmmh perfect for tourists.

So how did his fans react?

Vee never learns, he just got roasted a few days back after releasing Khubama Re Itshebe single; which received a 1/10 rating. Instead of making it up to his fans he decided to pull out a Trevor Noah stunt which didn’t go well.

Setlhomo was the first guy burst off Vee’s bubble and stop him from swimming in a pool of dreams.

Some reminded him of the current Snow situation going on in London, or Vee meant East London in South Africa?

Those with microscopic eyes were able to see the acacia tree.

Spot on

So What was Vee really trying to prove? Vee has all the money to take a trip to London anytime of the day whenever he wants to, but he left many jaw dropped. Maybe he was just trying to throw out a banter. Whatever he was trying to do, the fact remains; He got roasted.